The Old Church Rooms is a great community facility, with rooms that you can book

It is owned by the Community Council and run by a hall management board composed of councillors with officer support. The Council sets a modest charge in order to help cover costs.

You can view a gallery of photographs of the building.

  • Three rooms are available to hire at a standard charge of £9 per hour plus VAT.
  • Wi-Fi is available on request with all room bookings.

You could book rooms for your:

  • Party
  • Meeting
  • Wedding Reception
  • Yoga Class
  • After School Clubs
  • Baby / Toddler Club

  • and much more!

Available rooms

Book Old Church Rooms Image

Click on each room to view details and a link to view availability.

How to book

The system is easy to use, but if you need some guidance you can find it here. (If you want to keep a copy of the guidance, right click on the link to download it).

  • When you first use the system you should see a screen like this (see below). Use the left hand column to add your details – it’s important that you include everything requested – and that you make sure that your details are correct.
  • The prices shown below are subject to change. The price you will pay will be the price charged at the time of your use of the hall. For extensive, block bookings, invoices will be issued periodically.
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to book enough time to set up before your event – and to clear up at the end. Please try to avoid booking for a short period in the middle of an evening; this can ‘lock-out’ others who may want the room for two or three hours. If you want only an hour, please try to book it for as soon as possible after 5.00pm.
  • IMPORTANT: when you select your start date / time, and end date / time – click on the calendar and clock symbols, to make sure that the choices you make are entered correctly (avoid entering your choices manually, by typing them). If you don’t select your end-time, the system will assume you want the room for fifteen minutes only!
  • If you want to discuss any aspect of your booking (including if you want to change the date or time of your booking) you can contact the council’s at

Hallmaster System

Booking System

The following image is just a picture - you can't add your details to this picture! You need to access the booking system using the book online button.

Please note

Any items stored at the Old Church Rooms are at the owner’s risk and not covered by the Council’s insurance.